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White Rose,
Great Habton,
YO17 6TU

Tel: 01653 668478
Mob: 07836 706 512


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Agricultural Machinery

WE REFURBISH... trailors, tractors, weighbridges, wheels, chassis, farm implements and more...

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Paving, Paths and Patios

WE ROTARY CLEAN... paving, paths, roads, block paving and more...

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Vehicle Parts

WE BLAST AND COAT... car bodies, motorcycle parts, chassis, engines, alloy wheels, trailors and more...

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Restoration Work

WE RESTORE... cars, lorries, buses and more...

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Steel and Alloy

WE BLAST AND COAT... weighbridges, fireplaces, locomotives, building structures and more...

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Stone and Brick

WE CLEAN... stone, brick, timber buildings and more...

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Powder Coating

WE COAT... patio furniture, bikes, fire places, alloy and steel wheels, motorcycle parts and more...

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Protective Coating

WE PROTECT... shipping containers, chassis, farm machinery, steel frame building and more...

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Wood/Timber Structures and Floors

WE BLAST CLEAN... wood, timber structures, floors, ceiling beams and more...

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Conventional and Airless Spraying

WE SPRAY... restoration projects, car body parts and more...

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